"My Immortal"
"I dnot care what those fucker preps and posers fink. Ur da most beautiful girl in the world. Before I met you I used to want to commit suicide all the time. Now I just wanna fucking be with you. I fucking love you!."
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Britney Spears
Total occurrences:30
First appears: Chapter 8
Character frequency:#21: Mr. Norris
#22: Britney Spears
#23: Professor McGonagall
Total frequency:#30: Mr. Norris
#31: Britney Spears
#32: Professor McGonagall
Times spoken:2
Known outfits:5

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Top Dialogue

Chapter 37 (1 quote)

"OMFG u guyz r so scary!11"

Chapter 42 (1 quote)

"No, your totally a bitch. Now Voldemort will like totally kill u!"

Top Wardrobe

pink miniskirt
duff t-shirt
pink shirt flowers
blue abercrombie denim jeans
pink stilettos highHeels